Thanks Wisam Naoum for clearing the air.

To the community:

1. If you are a lawyer representing detainees, you need to get their names and info to us. The ACLU, NILC, and IRAP need this information to form their cases to stop the deportations. You are doing the community and these individuals a disservice by not sharing this information with us. We have worked with the Chaldean Community Foundation and have spent the last 72 hours with families to build this comprehensive list that the national organizations are using.

2. Lawyers, if you have successful pleadings, please send them to us. We have a team of attorneys working around the clock putting together templates and working to connect individuals that don’t have representation with lawyers that can work on this pro bono or at heavily reduced costs. Frankly, we need more of you to step up to the plate with pleadings and services. I can’t stress how much we need you right now.

3. Please share our gofundme to fund the people that need it most.

4. There is some confusion and rumors about the lawsuits. The ACLU case is one of two class action avenues to fight the Trump Administration. The ACLU case will be an emergency stay to buy us more time. NILC and IRAP are pursuing a longer term solution that is highly dependent on current matters before the Supreme Court. The ACLU is hoping to file it tomorrow and the good news is that it will cover all detainees and those that are yet to be detained. What the families need to understand is that they need their own legal representation irrespective of what the national organizations are doing. So, if the ACLU is successful and we get more time, the families’ lawyers will still need to file these motions (and we suggest the Convention Against Torture route). If the ACLU loses, the families’ lawyers will need to file these motions almost immediately to try and stop the deportations. Please make sure this is clear to the families.

5. Stop spreading rumors. You’re driving the families crazy. Unless the Foundation, the Church, the ACLU, NILC, IRAP, the Government, or we say something, it’s likely a rumor. For instance, there is no ferry taking people on the run to Canada for safety. Also, if you want to go before the media, that’s fine, but please make sure your information is accurate.