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✨EXCITING NEWS – Beta Testers Wanted NOW🙋🏻‍♀️

I am super excited to be launching my signature ‘Living in Freedom – L.I.F’ program. Before I officially launch, I am looking for 10 women who can test it out (with a massive discount).

✔️L.I.F will take you through literally EVERYTHING you need to know about finding a healthy balance with food, body, and exercise.

✔️I have had women reach their IDEAL body weight by using the holistic techniques that I put together from years of experience, and they have reported having better digestion, more energy and a TOTAL mindset shift with their confidence in their body and their relationship with food.

🙋🏻‍♀️For the beta launch I am doing first-come, first-serve. Once the spaces are gone, they’re gone. So if you are thinking about it, be sure to message me right away! ⚡️

You will get full access to me as I guide you through learning intuitive eating, listening to your body, what foods are best for you and how to work WITH your body to find YOUR healthy balance so you can start to live and eat with more freedom!

The program includes:
💫Customized video recordings
💫Weekly 1-on-1 support calls
💫A recording of each coaching session
💫Weekly success follow ups
💫24/7 Voxer access to ask me anything
💫Handouts/program material

If you are ready to ditch dieting, finding your balance and understand exactly how YOUR unique body works so you can make changes that last your entire life, this is perfect for you.

👇If you want a spot, comment “Ready” below, and I will DM you with the next step!

A few examples of what you will learn inside L.I.F:

✔️Intuitive eating: listen to your body and find what foods and exercise are best for it
✔️Primary foods: not only will you learn how to feed yourself ON your plate but also, OUTSIDE your plate – aka how to feed your heart and soul
✔️Hormonal deep dives: work WITH your body and not AGAINST it and understand what’s keeping you from feeling your best
✔️My custom 5-phase method that has helped tons of women achieve their ideal body weight, develop a healthy relationship with food and gain confidence, energy and clarity in their bodies.

^^ And that’s literally just the tip of the iceberg….

Believe me – this program is THE #1 most comprehensive female health program you will EVER come across.

If you’re between 25-35ish and want in send me an email and I’ll respond within 24hrs!

account_circle Ritta Shikwana

phone 4198065500