Christmas Day Fire

Chaldean Power Family

We have a favor to ask from Chaldean Power to all of you. Basim and Mary Dawood lost their home and all their belongings in a fire over Christmas. Please find it in your hearts to help them by donating to help them through this trying time. 
Any little bit will help. Click the link below and give what you can. 
Story below:
When you wake up on Christmas morning, you’re supposed to be in great spirits in celebration of this wonderful holiday. This wasn’t the case for Basim and Mary Dawood. Rather than the sounds of Christmas carols, they woke up to the sound of their neighbors desperately crying out, “Oh My God!” Thinking there may have been an emergency, they quickly ran to their door to check on the commotion. When they opened the door, all they could see was the black smoke that was quickly consuming their apartment building. There was a fire and escaping from their front door was not a possibility. Basim quickly ran to the window. He climbed out first so we could help his wife, Mary, down from the building. Thankful that they were able to make it out physically unscathed, all they were left with were the clothes on their backs. Please share this story and donate whatever you can as all proceeds are going to go towards replacing everything they lost due to the fact they did not have renters insurance.  Thank you and God Bless!